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Anti Slip Decking Strips For Commercial And Residential Walkways

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Anti Slip Decking Strips For Commercial And Residential Walkways

Wooden decking is used extensively in commercial and residential settings and remains a firm favourite due to its pleasing appearance. However algae or moss can make your existing floxing slippery when wet and can prove to be very hazardous to walk on.

False economies...
Pressure washing your decking, the use of wood cleaners, gritted paint or tape offer only a short-term solution to the problem, and need to be repeated at regular intervals.

A cost-effective solution - how to make decking and steps non slip
With a gritted surface giving excellent traction,  Decking Strips are a quick and easy solution to improving safety in potential slip hazard areas, whilst preserving an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

For damp, wet and frosty conditions, our non-slip strips are made from tough, hard wearing and durable GRP, cxrosion and fungus resistant. They will not rot, twist or warp and will last for years.

Fine Grit is available in 50mm depth
For damp and wet conditions, suitable for more sensitive areas such as play areas, barefoot areas, hospitals, schools, in domestic and commercial environments. Interix and exterix.

Helps create a safer environment
Fits directly onto existing decking or steps
Can be applied to nearly any substrate
Decking areas or steps can be used immediately after installation

Ideal for commercial or domestic use:
Corrosion resistant
Fungus resistant
Impact resistant
Non metallic