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Anti Slip Decking Strips For Slippery Walkways And Ramps

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High Quality Anti Slip Decking Strips For Slippery Walkways And Ramps


High-quality anti-slip decking strips for slippery walkways and ramps and despite regular maintenance, timber decking can still remain slippery. Whether the buildup of moss or mold or these all too frequent wet and icy conditions, your decking/walkway can become a serious safety hazard. Our Convex Anti Slip Decking Strips are fast becoming the most cost-effective solution to ensuring a safe walking environment.

  1. The Strips are manufactured from a durable Glass Reinforced Plastic.
  2. This means the material will never rot, mold or corrode.
  3. The Anti-Slip finish is a glass quartz grit which is embedded into the top surface.
  4. This creates one of the most exceptional non-slip surfaces on the market.
  5. The 50mm wide convex profile design eliminates any potential trip hazard once secured.

Key Points:

  1. 50mm wide Convex Strip
  2. Supplied ready to fit
  3. Durable in All Conditions
  4. Anti-Slip Surface

Your Strips will be pre-drilled and supplied with 4x25mm screws. Simply locate into position and screw down into your deck. Choose your Color wisely, as we have one of the largest range of coolers available in the UK. Indeed Beige & Brown may suit your timber, and Black is always neutral, but Green & Blue may add a theme, whilst Red or Yellow can highlight a safety hazard. Commonly used on Garden Decking, Balconies, Ramps and Access Walkways. Also installed onto Pontoons, Boat Decking, Steps, and Platforms. If you have any specific requirements, different to listed, whether mixed colors or bulk quantities, please feel free to contact us through eBay or direct.